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ROSCReturn of Spontaneous Circulation (medical)
ROSCReport on the Observance of Standards and Codes (IMF)
ROSCRecovery-Oriented Systems of Care
ROSCRegional Operations and Security Center (US Army)
ROSCRear Operations Support Center
ROSCReachback Operations Support Center (USAF)
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Finally, the guidelines highlight updates in post-cardiac arrest care, including a wider range of target temperatures, between 32[degrees]C and 36[degrees]C, to be maintained for at least 24 hours in comatose adults with ROSC after cardiac arrest.
The key to a successful evolution to ROSC, said Evans, "is engagement.
TABLE 3 Outcomes following cardiac arrest ROSC (1) Predictor Level Observed % Adjusted (2) % Rhythm Other 24.
Patients with the highest initial chance of ROSC might have had a ROSC rate as high as 50 percent.
In 2005, participants in the National Summit on Recovery established a nationally agreed upon definition, 12 principles, and 17 elements of recovery that comprise a ROSC community.
The model predicted that the greatest benefit of hypothermia would be seen in patients whose time to ROSC was relatively short--10-30 minutes.
At t = 34 minutes, the patient still did not have ROSC despite endotracheal intubation, five attempts at defibrillation, and the use of epinephrine, lidocaine, and procainamide.
Such support may come in the form of provision of info to service users on how to run such groups/ administrative support where necessary/communication support~Services also need to exist within the wider recovery community and the emerging ROSC where peer support and mutual aid should be readily available and accessible.
Attendees will take home the latest information and techniques on resuscitation science, such as the "pit crew" approach, to help your EMS system increase ROSC and cardiac arrest survival rates.
Our experience with the AutoPulse was outstanding, enabling us to achieve an initial three-fold increase in ROSC, " Turner added.