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ROSCReturn of Spontaneous Circulation (medical)
ROSCRing Oscillator
ROSCRoll over Stability Control
ROSCRemoved Operand Set Computer
ROSCReport on the Observance of Standards and Codes (IMF)
ROSCRecovery-Oriented Systems of Care
ROSCRegional Operations and Security Center (US Army)
ROSCRear Operations Support Center
ROSCReachback Operations Support Center (USAF)
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The findings from randomized trials and observational studies indicate that epinephrine increases coronary perfusion pressure and the likelihood of ROSC during CPR.
Official public statements about ROSC reflect this changing set of priorities.
The current study was planned to compare the factors affecting neurological outcome such as ROSC positivity, CPR duration and arrival cardiac rhythm according to the arrest localisations in cardiac arrest cases.
Another large, randomized study (30) reports that survival rates with ROSC and satisfactory neurological outcomes were better with A-CPR than with S-CPR.
They can start by supporting development of a ROSC approach in the community in which they do business.
CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation; ED, emergency department; ROSC, return of spontaneous circulation.
The survival rate and neurologic deficit evaluation at 12, 24, 48, and 72 h were measured during survival observation without using pain relievers, anesthesia, and euthanasia after ROSC.
Finally, the guidelines highlight updates in post-cardiac arrest care, including a wider range of target temperatures, between 32[degrees]C and 36[degrees]C, to be maintained for at least 24 hours in comatose adults with ROSC after cardiac arrest.
Prior studies on the financial reporting practices of Egyptian listed companies have shown that non-compliance with disclosure requirements is the norm (Abd-Elsalam & Weetman, 2003; Dahawy, Merino, & Conover, 2002; Dahawy & Conover, 2007; Hassan, Giorgioni, & Romilly, 2006; ROSC, 2002).
Ao longo dos ultimos 12 anos, aproximadamente, o Banco desenvolveu mais de 80 estudos de paises conhecidos como Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSC), Accounting and Auditing que, entre outros aspectos, desenvolvem uma revisao aprofundada das normas e praticas contabeis em cada pais e, em uma secao sobre as recomendacoes politicas, incita o pais a adotar as IFRS nas entidades de interesse publico ou, se ja o fez ou iniciou sua convergencia com as IFRAS, a fortalecer sua aplicacao das IFRS (World Bank reports on the observance of standards and codes (ROSC): overview of the ROSC Accounting and Auditing Program, 2004) (36).
El primer punto a considerar es la efectividad del SALT para alcanzar una via aerea avanzada, que se obtuvo con una alta proporcion de exito en el primer intento, comparado con el estudio previo del SALT, que mostro un porcentaje de exito en el primer intento del 66,4% (4), hallazgo importante, ya que es necesario asegurar la via aerea en los pacientes que se encuentran en reanimacion o con ROSC, en quienes se espera un tiempo de traslado prolongado o cuando es dificil la ventilacion con BVM, contribuyendo a un mejor desenlace tanto en morbilidad como en mortalidad.
Section 3 reviews the situation on the ground regarding transparency and accountability by evaluating ROSC reports from selected countries in Africa.