ROSFReturn on Shareholders Funds
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The ROSF, a year ago, launched a youth empowerment scheme that trained over a hundred people enabling them to become part of the country's working class.
The celebration of the ROSF's 10th anniversary brings more joy as many widows and orphans are accepted to the platform.
(14) La creacion de las municipalidades estaban contempladas en la Constitucion Provincial de 1856 y establecidas por la Legislatura desde 1858 ("Ley municipal para la ciudad del Rosario", 20 de diciembre de 1858, en ROSF, Tomo II, cit.).
ROSF among companies in the IT sector is still well ahead of the industrial average and the sector remains in 4th place in the industrial ranking.
The Bank's return on shareholder funds (RoSF) of 16.5 per cent in Q1 2015 is in line with the medium-term target of 15 per cent.