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ROSSRoamer Online Support Service
ROSSRetail Optimized Site Solution
ROSSResource Ordering and Status System
ROSSRussian Outsourcing and Software Summit
ROSSRecovery Operation Specialty Services (Ukiah, CA)
ROSSRussian Oregon Social Services
ROSSRemote Ocean Sensing System
ROSSRemote Orbital Servicing System
ROSSRapid on Site Support
ROSSRiver Oil Spill Simulation
ROSSRussian Ocean Surveillance System
ROSSRandom Origin Symbol Sequence
ROSSRange Operations Support Squadron
ROSSRoute di Orientamento Alla Scelta di Servizio (Italian)
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The trainer, John Straker, is a retired jockey who rode in Colonel Ross's colors before he became too heavy for the weighing-chair.
The latter was Colonel Ross, the well-known sportsman; the other, Inspector Gregory, a man who was rapidly making his name in the English detective service.
Colonel Ross leaned back with his arms folded and his hat tilted over his eyes, while I listened with interest to the dialogue of the two detectives.
And on the other hand, over the low country of the Ross, I saw smoke go up, morning and evening, as if from a homestead in a hollow of the land.
But the second day passed; and though as long as the light lasted I kept a bright look-out for boats on the Sound or men passing on the Ross, no help came near me.
Ross's daughter, a strapping young woman with handsome features and remarkably handsome black eyes.
Ross affirmed, proceeding stolidly with the knitting of the woollen singlet on her knees--one of the countless under-garments that she interminably knitted for her skipper sons.
I'm going to be a painter like Miss Ross when I get through school.
Miss Ross told me about Paris; she bought my pink sunshade there and my bead purse.
Captain Ross found embedded in the conglomerate on the outer coast, a well-rounded fragment of greenstone, rather larger than a man's head: he and the men with him were so much surprised at this, that they brought it away and preserved it as a curiosity.
Duncan Ross, and I am myself one of the pensioners upon the fund left by our noble benefactor.
Duncan Ross; 'neither sickness nor business nor anything else.