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CCTV footage reveals Rostas' trickery in action at one of the many jewellers he targeted along with an unknown accomplice.
Rostas shoved a copy of the Big Issue into the pensioner's face and then snatched her purse.
Judge Norman Ritchie QC told Rostas: "It must have been a terrifying ordeal for this young woman and it is plain the consequences for her have been severe.
The source said: "While he was on trial for the murder of Marioara Rostas he had a new shirt prepared and ironed and placed in a plastic bag for every day he was in court.
In tests, bee flight-path distractions took such a toll on dining that caterpillars ate only about a third of the leaf area they consume in a bee-free zone, Tautz and his Wiirzburg colleague Michael Rostas report online December 22 in Current Biology.
First of all they look endearingly ridiculous, from Morris' huge bottle blonde bouffant to guitarist Rostas Fez, who looks as if he was rejected by The Young Knives for being too athletic to be genuinely twee.
Pete formed Palladium with fellow exsession musicians - drummer Rocky Morris, guitarist Rostas Fez and Rufio Sandilands, keyboardist.
Tranmere say they had to decline Peterborough's request to put the Prenton Park game back by 24 hours because there was insufficient time for the police to change rostas for this week, drawn up to cope with special security arrangements for the FA Cup visit of Cardiff City next Sunday.
Susanna Rostas looks at dance performances in Mexico as a means of producing images of gender, indigenous life and ultimately Mexican identity.
The Special Prosecutor's Office launched the investigation based on the offence of defamation of nation, race and belief as well as inciting national, racial and ethnic hatred, for a story entitled "The wedge of Jews among Slavs" earlier in 2017, the SITA newswire reported.The prosecutor claims that the culprit, who publishes under the name Tibor Eliot Rostas, used historical quotes to present readers with statements claiming that the Jewish community is the reason for the poor situation of society in the past and in the present and that it subverts contemporary society, said spokesperson for the Special Prosecutor's Office, Jana Talkallyova.
Mum-of-three Monica Rostas appeared before Letterkenny District Court charged with robbing 83-year-old Bridget McElcar in Ballybofey, Co Donegal.
Police want to speak to Superman Rostas, 25, over the theft of a PS21,000 watch from a jewellers in Newark, Nottinghamshire.