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RotaC: a web-based tool for the complete genome classification of group A rotaviruses.
* Now install the rotac. Rocking of the door frame and rotac may help when trying to get coupling engagement.
* With the rotac mounted and piped, you can now begin to adjust the spool for the proper slow down (deceleration).
Genotype assignment for each gene was performed by using a combination of BLAST ( and RotaC 2.0 (
ROMA116/2012/G3P[19] (ROMA116), was characterized by analyzing its 11 genomic RNA segment sequences in RotaC Tool (
RotaC v2.0 was used for RVA genotyping (7), and nucleotide alignment was confirmed by using ClustalW ( in MEGA5.2 (8).
Analyses of VP7 and VP4 sequences using RotaC 2.0 (12) identified the rotavirus strain as genotype G14P[24] (6,7) (Figure 2).
The genotype of each segment of V585 was determined by using RotaC version 2.0 (, a web-based genotyping tool for group A rotaviruses; a G10-P[14]-I2 R2-C2-M2-A11-N2-T6-E2-H3 constellation was identified.
Genotypes of each of the 11 genome segments for all the rotavirus strains under investigation were determined according to the genotyping recommendations of the RCWG by using the RotaC rotavirus genotyping tool (21,33).