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ROTAPRare Or Threatened Australian Plants (Australia)
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ROTAP, also based in Orange, TX, provides transportation and rentals of roll-off boxes, tanks, pumps and related items.
A mistura foi levada a uma proveta de 25 mL e o conjunto colocado em um agitador tipo Rotap para peneiras, em plataforma especial, aplicando-se vibracoes de intensidade 7 durante 3 min e de intensidade 6 por 2 min, para assegurar uniformidade na intensidade e periodo de agitacao e obter as condicoes mais uniformes possiveis na acomodacao do cimento entre os agregados; a densidade dos agregados foi calculada pelo quociente entre a massa corrigida, subtraindose a umidade residual e o volume determinado pela diferenca entre o volume da mistura e aquele ocupado pelo cimento.
This was attributed to the processing aid added during the Rotap particle size analysis for avoiding agglomeration of the rubber particles.
The finding of a knot in the hollowed spaces of the wood distinguishes ritually effective artifacts from those which are considered 'mistakes' - the space framed by the enveloping planes of the carving calls to mind the heap of wood-chips left at the back of the carvers hut, called rotap, literally 'salty rubbish' likened to the dead, uprooted trees which drift ashore once a year from the direction of ancestral lands.
`The main reason for the increase in numbers is improved knowledge,' says John Briggs, a co-author of the book who has worked on the Rare or Threatened Australian Plants (ROTAP) lists for 15 years.
It's too early to gauge the long-term effect of lower rabbit numbers on our native plant species, and particularly those listed on the ROTAP list of rare or threatened species.