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ROTCReserve Officer Training Corps
ROTCRace of the Classics (sailing; Rotterdam, Netherlands)
ROTCReturn on Total Capital
ROTCReturn of the Champions (Queen live album)
ROTCRelics of the Chozo (Super Metroid music mix)
ROTCRing of Teleport Control (Lineage video game)
ROTCRecord of Telephone Conversation
ROTCRadiation Oncology Tripartite Committee (Australia)
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) The estimated cost in one school year of ROTC for four million students is P16 billion at P4,000 each.
Under her 'Citizen Services Program' bill, students who opt for ROTC training would be granted free health insurance and medical services.
Dela Rosa said reimposing the ROTC will be "substantial" in preventing students from joining leftist organizations and becoming fighters of armed communist groups.
One young man said that all his friends thought that his joining the ROTC was a waste of time by marching around with a wooden gun.
"Students should leave LeMoyne-Owen changed," he says, adding that the reinvigorated ROTC program will be rigorous, help students transcend conventional methods of thinking and equip them for a lifetime of "leadership, scholarship and service" in alignment with president Dr.
In the succeeding half century, all male UO students in their freshmen and sophomore years were required to drill with ROTC, McMahon said.
Hayes and senior John Boulding, Ole Miss ROTC cadet battalion commander, ran the first six miles, and then the other cadets took shifts to run the ball along Highway 9 to Calhoun City.
ROTC's return also heralds an important change for the military.
Richard McSorley, pacifist and Georgetown professor who believed that "kill and destroy is the central function of the military," raised the question of whether his school would be as welcoming to other outside groups as it is to the ROTC.
To learn more about ROTC trends, read "Cadets on Campus" in the March 2008 issue of University Business.
LET'S BEGIN WITH THE WIDELY ACKNOWLEDGED fact that ROTC does an awfully good job of producing fine officers at a much lower price than the academies.