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ROTERRecords Of Tax Enforcement Results
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"The directors were literally backstage with us, and it was really intimate," Roter remembers.
For instance, Mary Catherine Beach and colleagues (including Roter) reviewed recorded visits between doctors and patients, and coded the conversations for the presence or absence of various factors (e.g., verbal dominance, socio-emotional communication, question asking, information giving) to analyze differences in interactions by patient race.
However, several studies (Hart, Drotar, Gori, & Lewin, 2006; Roter et al., 2004; van Duimen & Holl, 2000; Wissow et al., 2011) have suggested that focused training yields positive results in terms of increased use of empathy, positive affect, support, collaboration, open-ended questions, information giving, and questions related to psychosocial issues, as well as greater parent satisfaction with care.
The Roter family has had ample exposure to life in the Middle East.
& ROTER, W., Some theorems on conformally symmetric manifolds.
(1.) Fogarty L, Roter D, Larson S, Burke J, Gillespie J, Levy R.
Still, a striking absence from Hellebust's bibliography is Klaus Theweleit's classic study of the corporeal fantasies of the Freikorps: Male Fantasies (Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1987,1989, originally published by Verlag Roter Stern, Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1977 and 1978).
Beach MC, Roter D, Rubin II, Frankel R, Levinson W, Ford DE.
Next I hung up on my white board a poster-size reproduction by Joan Miro titled Figur vor roter Sonne (this and other Miro works can be seen and purchased at and shared with my class a brief biography on this 20th-century artist.
Bruehl also has been tapped as one of the three leads in Michael Klier's "Roter Kakadu," which is set to start shooting this summer.
: Roter Stern, 1977), Andrew Webber in Sexuality and the Sense of Self in Musil and Tram (London: MHRA, 1990), and Maria Tatar in Lustmord: Sexual Murder in Weimar Germany (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1995), and provides readings of Doblin's Berlin Alexanderplatz, Musil's Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften, and Jahnn's Perrudja which bring out the senses in which these texts themselves present a critique of aggressive or 'heroic' masculinity.
seter 'Johannisbeerstrauch', gerd seter 'roter Johannisbeerstrauch', sed seter 'schwarzer Johannisbeerstrauch', ki[??] 'Birke', iz viv ki[??] 'gewundene Birke', l'ak ki[??] 'Zwergbirke', sed ki[??] 'Betula humilis', l'uz ki[??] 'Betula verrucosa' usw.