ROTHRRelocatable Over-The-Horizon Radar
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The Navy, in addition, maintained ownership of the ROTHR. In the meantime, the civilian middle third of the island has become the object of an unrestrained land grab by North American capitalists looking to exploit the "undiscovered Spanish Virgin Island" (Connelly 2003).
* ROTHR: Relocatable Over-the-Horizon Radar (AN/TPS-71), a high-frequency radar system.
The ROTHR, which will allegedly help US authorities interdict drug planes flying out of South America, will consist of two separate facilities currently under construction, one in Vieques and the other in the main island of Puerto Rico.
Originally, ROTHR was developed for the US Navy to provide wide area ocean surveillance for the nation's fleet defense from both sea and airborne threats.
taxpayers are spending $1,500 per hour to operate the Navy's ROTHR system, a multimillion-dollar radar operation invented to help battleships locate Soviet aircraft cruising at high altitudes.
One such concept uses the Navy's relocatable over-the-horizon radar (ROTHR) to scan millions of square miles of oceans.
However, the military continues to own and operate two facilities in Vieques: the ROTHR radar transmitter and the radio and communications complex atop Monte Pirata.
The first radars to use DBF are the over-the-horizon (OTH) radars; specifically, the GE OTH-B and the Raytheon relocatable OTH radar (ROTHR).
Gomphrena nitida Rothr., 4825 TEX; 5323 TEX; 5462; 6752 ANSM; (NMC 48789).