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ROTKReturn of the King (3rd Lord of the Rings movie/book)
ROTKReturn of the King
ROTKRomance of the Three Kingdoms (Chinese novel)
ROTKRealm of the Keepers (gaming clan)
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He breathes on Athelas to activate its healing potency (ROTK 155).
When Sauron and Saruman meet their separate ends, their spirits hover momentarily over the scene before a sudden wind sweeps them away (ROTK 252, 334).
Ghan-buri-Ghan, the Wild Man of the woods, first senses it (ROTK 120).
An army of eagles, in imitation of the Battle of the Five Armies, appears as help unlooked-for to assist the Captains of the West in their hopeless attack on the Black Gates of Mordor (ROTK 251).
Like Gandalf and the rest of the Maiar, spirits from Valinor were forbidden to perform tasks apportioned to Men or to Elves (ROTK 417).
Tolkien illustrates this claim when an eagle comes to Minas Tirith after the fall of Sauron, "bearing tidings beyond hope from the Lords of the West" (ROTK 269; Hammond and Scull 630).
= The Hobbit; FOTR = The Fellowship of the Ring; TT = The Two Towers; ROTK = The Return of the King; Sil.