ROTMRide of the Month
ROTMRock of the Marne (gaming)
ROTMRitual of the Mahjarrat (RuneScape)
ROTMRight On The Money
ROTMRise of the Machines
ROTMRun Of The Mill
ROTMRevenge of the Mummy (movie)
ROTMRave of the Moment
ROTMRevolution of the Mind (band)
ROTMReturn of the Mack (Mark Morrison song)
ROTMFutenma Marine Corps Air Station (Okinawa, Japan)
ROTMRiders of the Mark (gaming clan)
ROTMReign of the Moon (United Guild of the Alliance)
ROTMRustie of the Month
ROTMRevelation of the Method
ROTMRock on the Meadows (aka Stamford Riverside Festival; UK)
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