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ROTORoll-Out and Turn-Off
ROTOReaching Out to Ontario (education program; Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner; Ontario, Canada)
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El sindrome del corazon roto provoca un dolor de pecho repentino e intenso y una falta de aire que se puede confundir con un ataque cardiaco.
The addition of Roto Hammer complements these products and services, further strengthening Rotork Valvekits' capabilities as a supplier to the global valve manufacturing industry.
Un viaje de mil demonios (y un par de angeles)" (OPS / El Roto / Rabago.
Un caso particular lo constituye una serie de cronicas escrita en la revista Mundo Teatral bajo el seudonimo de Montecristo (9), publicadas sucesivamente entre octubre y noviembre de 1919 con los titulos "Un roto en el Splendid", "Un roto en el Alhambra", "Un roto en el Union Central" y "Un roto en el Brasil" (10).
20 July 2010 - Indian credit rating agency CRISIL confirmed yesterday the ratings of BBB+ with a "stable" outlook and of P2 on the bank facilities of local Roto Pumps Ltd (BOM:517500).
Lo roto, la basura a quemar, es el frio rastro de su espiritu, es la arqueologia mojada e inutil de sus instrumentos insuperablemente mal puestos, en una costa mal puesta, en la medida del hombre.
IdeaForge, Mumbai based startup has launched Roto Charger, a 'hand powered' mobile charger that works by simply rotating a handle on the charger.
Actualmente se conoce que un corazon roto, metaforicamente hablando, puede acabar con la vida de una persona.
The high shear granulator and single-pot processors that comprise the Roto Cube series, manufactured by Zanchetta, allow any type of product to be processed--from the loading of raw materials to the discharge of dry granules--in a single, contained bowl, thus eliminating contact between product, operator and the environment.
The Vertec Evolution Holster is available in right hand paddle, belt, roto paddle, roto belt, and right duty belt.
L.A.'s Roto Architects, founded in 1991 by Michael Rotondi and Clark Stevens, has stamped its post-Frank Gehry modernism and avant-garde aesthetic on sites including the School of Architecture in Prairie View, Texas, the first tribal university in the U.S., a memorial for the L.A.
Kroes is best known for his long-term tenure as president and CEO of Roto Frank of America.