ROTPRegular Officer Training Plan (Canadian military)
ROTPRun of the Press (newspaper industry)
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It's like they don't even care whether our faces get smashed as long as they can see our faces,' said Robert Perillo of ROTP.
ROTP proposed instead to increase police visibility by strengthening checkpoints as well as rallying the motorcycle sector to engage in crime watch in their communities.
ROTP and TWP also called on the government anew to legalize and regulate motorcycle taxis, much like the service provided by the recently shut-down motorcycle-hailing app Angkas.
The ROTP will be commissioned in mid-1994, and is expected to reach design capacity by early 1995.
The ROTP is the first phase of a two-pronged approach by Newmont to process this refractory ore, with initial feed coming from its South Area operations which includes the Gold Quarry mine and Mills 2 and 5, and from the Rain Area 13 mi south of Carlin which includes the Rain mine and Mill 3.
The higher-grade refractory ore taken from Post will be processed at the ROTP.
As described in Newmont's application to the state of Nevada for air-quality permits to operate the new plant, the ROTP will consist of a three-stage crushing section followed by drying, grinding, ore separation, and two parallel roasting sections.
A transfer to Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP) --Military College saw her enter the engineering stream, but she struggled academically and experienced an apparent setback.