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ROVRegistrar of Voters (various states)
ROVRostov, Russia - Rostov (Airport Code)
ROVRoll-Over Valve (automotive fuel tanks)
ROVRiders Of Vision (Yamaha motocyclist website)
ROVRemotely Operated Valve
ROVRectified Oil of Vitriol (concentrated sulphuric acid)
ROVRepair Other Vessels
ROVRate of Overstays (immigration)
ROVRulers of Valhalla (gaming clan)
ROVReturn on Value
ROVReal Options Valuation
ROVRemotely Operated Vehicle
ROVRepair Of Vessels
ROVRange of View
ROVRange of Value
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The company designs, engineers, manufactures and markets ROVs, ATVs and snowmobiles, besides related parts, garments and accessories under the Arctic Cat and Motorfist brand.
Technology continues to advance, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico market where post-Macondo changes such as API Standard 53 have brought new requirements for ROV blow-out preventer intervention.
This includes the largest range of Work Class ROVs and specialist trenching equipment such as ploughs, tractors and jetting machines.
In the last 15 years a new class of ROV has emerged, known as the "competition class.
The paper is arranged as follows: Section II sheds light on ROV from historical point of view.
The results of the trial showed that continuous hovering of the ROV in mid-water beyond DVL range was possible, as well as automatic navigation to waypoints.
Mike decided that he needed a trailer not only to transport the ROVs to jobs but to act as a mobile on-site office.
The award will see i-Tech providing two Centurion QX work-class ROVs and under water positioning and survey services onboard the vessel, for a five year, term with an option to extend for a similar term.
The ODIM LARS units, due for delivery in the first and in the second quarter of 2011, respectively, will handle ROVs being used in water depths down to 4,000 m, Odim said.
Fuelled by the search for oil in ever deeper waters, the world of ROVs is breaking new ground to develop ever more sophisticated vehicles and as the demand for ROVs increases, so does the need for ROV pilots and technicians.
According to Chris Nicholson, founder of an ROV firm, Deep Sea Systems International in Falmouth, Mass.