ROVRRemote Online Veterinary Record (US Army)
ROVRResettlement Opportunity for Vietnamese Returnees
ROVRRapidly Operational Virtual Reality (transportable projection screen)
ROVRRetrieval of Vehicle Registration (software)
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Perhaps the most important, but as of yet unrealized, benefit of ROVR is enhanced disease surveillance.
One of the important, realized benefits of the ROVR system is enhanced portability of patient records.
The ROVR has similarly improved record portability for privately-owned animals when their military owners are reassigned.
Most significantly, ROVR improved practice management.
One of the most significant issues was poor connectivity between some of the outlying sites and the ROVR server.
The ROVR was initially created to work with IE 8 and IE 9 which were the DoD standard at the time of its development.
It is anticipated that this will improve as users gain familiarity with ROVR, especially the auto text and other timesaving features.
The most current version of the formulary was provided to the ROVR program developers, but changes were being incorporated into the formulary concurrent with ROVR development.
A ROVR help desk was created prior to launching the program to assist users with any issues that arose.
Although establishment of the ROVR help desk and similar efforts have helped to address many of the issues with ROVR, additional work is still necessary.
The ROVR was launched for a 30-day trial in theater with the 72nd Medical Detachment Veterinary Service Support (VSS) unit beginning in mid-July 2014.