ROVRRemote Online Veterinary Record (US Army)
ROVRResettlement Opportunity for Vietnamese Returnees
ROVRRapidly Operational Virtual Reality (transportable projection screen)
ROVRRetrieval of Vehicle Registration (software)
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The Company also offers the ROVR product which provides uninterrupted and smart solutions for WiFi broadband coverage.
To date the ROVR has been demonstrated to prune grapevines and harvest clusters.
COMMUNITY: To drive awareness and help young drivers better understand the implications of unsafe driving, Cartasite oversaw an outreach program called Safe Drivers, Safe Roads, utilizing its ROVR in Cherry Creek High School.
This training was facilitated by an extensive training module incorporated within the ROVR application to be used to provide such on-site training.
Significant time is also spent reviewing the patient registry functions in ROVR (diabetes, MWD, and screening registries) which allow users to quickly and easily monitor patient populations to ensure they are meeting specific health goals, such as food consumption, body condition, and body weight.
Veterinary facilities were required to use ROVR as their sole medical record and practice management program upon completion of the training course.
Perhaps the most important, but as of yet unrealized, benefit of ROVR is enhanced disease surveillance.
One of the important, realized benefits of the ROVR system is enhanced portability of patient records.
The ROVR has similarly improved record portability for privately-owned animals when their military owners are reassigned.
With the fielding of ROVR, the established Army Veterinary Services pharmacy and retail formulary was further standardized and uniform prices were created for all services to provide clients with consistent charges, regardless of their assignment location.