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ROXRelational over Xml
ROXRun of Experiments
ROXRisc OS on x (Linux desktop environment)
ROXRelational-Object-XML (Extensible Markup Language)
ROX6-Carboxyl-X-Rhodamine (dye)
ROXRates of Oxidation (physiology)
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ROX also boasts a double-height atrium apt for exhibitions and creative collaborations, and a further boost for Brighton's vibrant local arts scene.
ROX managing director Kyron Keogh said: "As we have seen with the Duchess of Cambridge, royal brides are trendsetters and we are anticipating many more grooms and brides-to-be requesting a similar style of ring.
Inspired by star sign constellations, Catherine's glittering collaboration with Rox includes silver necklaces, bracelets and rings - all hand finished with crystals in the shape of each constellation.
Rox will be his ride-along partner and will become a full-pledged member of "Code Black" Season 3 starting in episode 4.
To give a head start to emerging talent from the country, Sony MIX and Sony ROX HD will showcase one singer-artist every month with two of their original compositions airing on both the channels.
US-based medical device company Rox Medical has secured USD 40m in series E financing, the company said on Tuesday.
CEO, Rodney Brenneman, said, 'This financing is a significant milestone for ROX Medical.
Though Rox itself is of low toxicity to the test animals (Sullivan and Al-Timimi 1972), its toxicity to humans is not well understood.
As proven, Rox has the skill and passion to deliver the goods, guiding heartthrob Daniel Padilla to the top of the charts and record sales race through his work for the latter's self-titled debut and 2014's DJP.
Rox manager Bryan Stark pulled David, who allowed a run on three hits and struck out five through six innings, in favor of left-hander Carlos-Henri Ferre.
Founded in 2002 by Kyron Keogh and Grant Mitchell, ROX describes itself as one of the UK's most innovative and exciting jewellery brands and it has been named Independent Retailer of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards for the past two years.