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ROYRookie Of the Year
ROYRoyal Oak (Amtrak station code; Royal Oak, MI)
ROYRepublic of Yemen
ROYRunner of the Year (athletic award)
ROYRumor on the Yard
ROYReach Our Youth (Norwalk, OH)
ROYReduction on Yield
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IAN CRAIG, Birmingham ROY Wood is a part of British music history - a great talent and personality
Roy suffered a panic attack, 15 minutes after taking this pill, and shoved his way through the crowds at the Cavern to get out and above ground, but when he staggered out into Mathew Street, 22-year-old Roy saw it was daytime, which did not make sense.
Roy met his wife Pam in Australia and they married in 1960.
Editor Steve Wraith said: "I'm a life-long fan of Roy of the Rovers.
Furthermore, by combining the centrality of the domestic (as space of routine and gender paradigms) with the liminal quality of the bower (as a space of transformation and brief encounter), Roy facilitates and eases her transition as a young woman artist moving from silence to voice.
This year the combination of skill, love of the game and competitive spirit, along with his sportsmanship and willingness to help others earned Roy the 2006 DAV National Commander's Trophy during the 58th National Amputee Golf Association (NAGA) Invitational Championships & 7th Robinson Cup Matches on Sept.
General Motors, when I got in there, it was like I'd died and went to heaven," says Roy, who works on an assembly line at a plant operated by Delphi, the now-bankrupt parts unit that was spun off from GM in 1999.
and Roy for setting an example of sharing your experience with a younger generation.
Len told Roy I would be riding out with the rest of them, at which Roy looked me up and down and, being concerned for the wellbeing of his horses replied, with a cautious okay.
based activists have mobilized around the draconian USA PATRIOT ACT, Roy points out that other countries have followed the U.
CHEQUE MATES: Snowball the polar bear with (from left) Roy Palin, Roy Kane and Terry Lewins and joint auction winner Roy Bosworth.