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ROZResidual Oil Zone
ROZRecoverable Oil Zone
ROZReconstruction Opportunity Zone
ROZRestricted Operating Zone
ROZResearch Oktan Zahl (German: research octane number)
ROZRestricted Operation Zone
ROZRepublic of Zambia
ROZRuins of Zanarkand (gaming clan)
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As the midwives grew increasingly worried they rushed Roz into theatre for an emergency caesarian.
Roz said: "Two days after I got the keys, I had workmen in ripping out the kitchen, and the place was like a building site for three months.
A lot of nurses have said outright, "If this comes in I can't do it, I'll have to leave and find something else",' Roz said.
Roz, who confesses she is not a whisky drinker herself, rebrands and markets it.
Sticking to just two courses, I chose bruschetta followed by the house salad, and Roz chose the house salad followed by Rissotto Verde.
After the five-minute attack, Roz was left bleeding and needed treatment including stitches for four serious bite marks and 13 other flesh wounds.
Roz said: "Unlike other dogs, who bounded around our centre, Bonnie bumped into doors, tripped over things or scratched her face.
Roz explained: "Les was the franchise director for the firm and he could see a downturn in the economy which would mean companies would not be recruiting in the same way.
To book a place or to find out more, contact Roz Warden on 029 2036 8888, or email roz.
However, she is "damn sure" she is going to enjoy life to the full In February, just months before her wedding, Roz took the decision to undergo surgery that would end her chances of ever having a baby.
THERE are two words Roz Edwards hates to hear: No comment.