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RP1Retinitis Pigmentosa 1 (gene)
RP1Related Proteins 1 (biochemistry)
RP1Real Projective Line (mathematics)
RP1Rural Precinct 1 (Iowa)
RP1Rat Protamine 1 (biology)
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If you need information about the RP1 form or general advice on redundancy, call the helpline 0845 145 0004.
RP1 consists of a 2U core that contains integrated FPGA-based DSP, enabling a console surface at another facility to control all mixing functionality.
17 In another study that looked at 150 Saudi Arabian families affected with RP, the identified mutations included RP1, TULP1, RPGRIP1, and CRB1.
has dosed the first cohort of patients in a phase 1/2 clinical trial of RP1 in patients with advanced solid tumors, the company said.
Dave Letson, vice-president of sales at Calrec, said: "Remote broadcasting using Calrec's RP1 and Net Insight's Nimbra means fewer resources are needed on-site, and controlling audio from a remote console saves money on set-up time, crew, logistics and equipment.
Elemental, a United Kingdom-based start-up company, has revealed details of its RP1, a street-legal track car.
com or through their call centre number will need to quote RP1 and your Open winner selection.
4 mm; RA simple in preserved parts; RP1/2 about 19 mm long before divergence of RP1 and RP2; two concave branches occurring between IR1 and RP3; RP2 branched very distally, with three preserved branches; where preserved, IR2 slightly zigzagging; RP3/4 about 16 mm long before divergence of RP3 and RP4; RP3 with two preserved branches; RP4 branched 14.
where V(GRMOD) is the voltage across the current source GRMOD, V(RP1) is the voltage across the resistor RP1 and
The bimodule is composed of a long module including part of RP1, C4A (long), CYP21P, and TNXA, and a short module containing RP2, C4B (short), CYP21, and part of the TNXB gene (2) (Fig.
The USD250m laboratory, called RP1 (with RP standing for research and pathfinding) and located in Oregon, US, will be used by Intel's researchers to develop next generation photolithography, high-performance transistors, interconnects - both copper and optical - and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.