RPAHRoyal Prince Alfred Hospital (Sydney, Australia)
RPAHReverse Passive Antiglobulin Haemagglutination
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Patient airport-hospital transfers were via conventional road ambulance from the referring hospital and via large ambulance multi-purpose vehicle to RPAH.
Dr Chen spoke to FH re his HIV positive status and a letter for the appointment at the Immune Clinic at RPAH was given.
Initially, RPAH Food Services Department developed recipes for 28 pureed and minced meat dishes and nine varieties of pureed vegetables between March and July 2003.
RPAH BRANCH DELEGATE AND ASSISTANT branch secretary Jan Dilworth has worked as an RN and RM for more than 40 years.
It took a further four years, however, before a three-year medical record librarian program was established in NSW in 1956 (RPAH 1955), and another five years for a training course to be set up in Victoria in 1961 (VAMRL 1960).
Young people aged 12-24 years who were admitted to the acute hospital setting at RPAH. Approximately 2500 young people are admitted as in-patients to RPAH each year.
The RPAH ICS has had a lengthy association with clinical information systems (CIS).
RPAH 50-year reunion Seeking registered nurse graduates from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital January 1962 PTS group for 50-year reunion.
Contact: Jeanette Fox, 4751 4829 RPAH PCB Oct 1981, 30 year reunion
* O'Bray Smith (left) and Wayne Baxter from RPAH finally face their Waterloo.
But before everyone thinks, 'oh no, another whinging new grad,' it's not about the job--especially since we got a pay rise having barely started thanks to the NSWNA, plus I've landed in nursing utopia at RPAH, where everyone has been welcoming and supportive.