RPARRebuttable Presumption Against Registration
RPARRapid Policy Assessment and Response
RPARRuston Parks and Recreation (Ruston, LA)
RPARReversed Passive Arthus Reaction
RPARReplacement Precision Approach Radar (UK)
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RPAR is preferred for the proposed framework because energy efficiency, link reliability and also scalability are at the higher end (Jeng-Neng Hwang, 1994), (Pradeep Chennakesavula, et al, 2012).
In this paper, we proposed a new framework for improving network lifetime by exploiting the RPAR protocol in combination with hexagonal deployment of nodes and also to validate its performance with the QoS parameters like Residual energy and SNR by supplying video signal as input which is compressed by MPEG-4 standard and found that the proposed work is superior to the models published previously and proved that the proposed framework outperforms than DSR and AODV protocols.
De modo geral, RPAR aumentou com o aumento da dose de adubo fornecido, independentemente do tipo de substrato.
Identificou-se, neste trabalho, para o RPAR, que os melhores valores situaram-se entre quatro e sete, o que e semelhante ao encontrado em MULLER et al.