RPatRobert Pattinson (actor)
RPatRCMP Police Aptitude Test (Canada)
RPatReturn Preparer Assessment Tool (IRS)
RPatRetrograde Property Assistance Team
RPatRedistribution Property Accountability Team (OIF/OEF)
RPatRiverview Partnership Action Team (Minnesota)
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Third, RPAT customs teams assisted the RSYs with materiel being shipped via 463L pallets or 20-foot containers.
The RPATs were responsible for a variety of missions in support of theater-provided equipment property being turned in and eventually retrograded to depots throughout the world for reset.
The line at the RPAT yard gets longer as departure day comes closer.
The RPAT yard also accepts non-rolling stock, including computers, communications equipment and even surplus enhanced-small arms protective inserts.
Across Iraq, there are about eight RPAT yards, with the one managed by Martagon being the busiest.
However, the biggest thing the RPAT handled by volume was vehicles.
The Sailors had technical expertise in custom operations since they had been doing it for more than 10 years; however, the Soldiers had been performing the RPAT and RSY missions for several months and had an in-depth understanding of what was needed for the operation.
The wash rack at the Kandahar Airfield RPAT yard primarily cleans vehicles that are ready to be shipped out of Afghanistan.
The 402d AFSB, in turn, tasked the 541st CSSB and the CSSB's 227th Quartermaster Company with moving its RPAT academy and its 29 cadre from Kuwait to Camp Shelby within 7 days of notice.
The RPAT academy cadre trained 209 Soldiers from the 427th BSB and certified them as wholesale responsible officers.
For large units, a mobile RPAT can travel to the unit's location and take possession of the theater-provided equipment to be turned in on site.