RPBSRepatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (Australia)
RPBSRelational Perspectives Book Series (Routledge)
RPBSRevised Paranormal Belief Scale (parapsychology)
RPBSResource Pages for Biblical Studies (online resource)
RPBSRestrictive Partially Blind Signature (electronic security)
RPBSResearch Periodicals and Book Services Inc. (Houston, TX)
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The sample had a mean score of 83.96 (SD [+ or -] 23.91) on RPBS. Variables that had a statistically significant group difference on the score of RPBS were domicile status (p <.05), psychiatric diagnosis (p <.001), method of treatment sought before (p <.001) (Tables 1 and 2).
The received signal vector y and the channel frequency response vector h are provided as input to the four receiver processing blocks (RPB) along with precomputed data vectors [d.sup.(1)], [d.sup.(2)], [d.sup.(3)], and [d.sup.(4)].
The measurement of these concepts has been problematic with the primary measure in the field, the Revised Paranormal Belief Scale (rPBS) (Tobacyk & Milford, 1983), containing a "traditional religious belief" subscale.
Structural equation modeling supported a model separating paranormal beliefs into two groups or latent factors: (1) Paranormal Beliefs (corresponding to the New Age Philosophy factor of Houran et al., 2001), consisting of RPBS subscales measuring beliefs in precognition, psi, spiritualism, and witchcraft; and (2) Superstition (corresponding to the Traditional Paranormal Belief factor of Houran et al., 2001), consisting of RPBS subscales measuring beliefs in traditional religiosity, extraordinary lifeforms, and superstition, as well as items from the Magical Ideation Scale referring to superstition (Hergovich, Scott, & Arendsay, 2008).
But the new regional planning bodies (RPBs), which play a major strategic role under the new 2004 Planning and Compensation Act, could become targets--particularly since, following the referendum fiasco in the North East, they lack all but the most indirect democratic legitimacy.