RPCFTReiter Protein Complement Fixation Test
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Therefore, the limit analysis method was used to explore the ultimate bearing capacity of steel RPCFT axially compressed short columns.
The equation for calculating the bearing capacity of RPCFT is
(1) Results for a total of 139 RPCFT axial compression columns showed that the load-displacement curves can be divided into four stages: (1) elastic; (2) elasticplastic; (3) descending; and (4) strengthening.
(2) The larger the confining coefficient, the greater the increase in bearing capacity of RPCFT. The core RPC strength, loading method, and steel fiber content of RPC had little effect on the RPC bearing capacity of the steel tube.
Caption: Figure 1: Load-displacement curve of the reactive powder concrete- filled steel tube (RPCFT).
Caption: Figure 3: (a) Oblique shear failure and (b) waist drum-shaped failure of reactive powder concrete-filled steel tube (RPCFT).
Caption: Figure 4: Relationship between [xi] and [N.sub.u]/[A.sub.c][f.sub.c] by RPCFT without steel fiber.
RPC has been used in concrete-filled steel tubes (RPCFTs) [6].