RPCRRassemblement pour la Calédonie dans la Republique (French: Rally for Caledonia in the Republic, New Caledonia)
RPCRRestricted Principal Component Regression
RPCRRandom Polymerase Chain Reaction
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This study showed that CSD detection sensitivity increased from 21.3% (17/80) using IFA alone to 27.5% (22/80) with combined use of IFA and rPCR on blood specimens.
Tables 4 and 5 show rPCR data, [bla.sub.CTX-M], [bla.sub.TEM], [bla.sub.SHV], [bla.sub.NDM], and [bla.sub.KPC] rPCR, and LightCycler 2.0 results; real-time PCR was done on 157 specimens.
(34.) RPCR: Rassemblement pour la Caledonie dans la republique (founded in 1978 from RPC founded in 1977), RUMP (2004): Rassemblement-UME UMP/Union pour un mouvement populaire is the main right-wing party in France.
It is not yet another statute, but truly the ordering of a country called upon to develop politically.' Jacques Lafleur, speaking for the RPCR, declared: `This agreement is the true expression of our wish to build and live in a New Caledonia in which everyone can live happily.
Furthermore, an rPCR assay was tested for its effectiveness to detect Brucella in the serum of local breeds of infected animals.
Auguste Poadja had left the UC in 1977 and had become a member of the anti-independentist RPCR in the early 1980s.
We used real-time PCR (rPCR) targeting of the 353-bp partial B.
To detect McHV-1 viral DNA, we performed real-time PCR (rPCR) targeting a 124-bp fragment of the glycoprotein G (gG) gene, shown to be sensitive and specific to McHV-1, as previously described (22) using primers gGBV-323F and gGBV-446R and hydrolysis probe gGBV-403T (Table 1).
In 1905, the Rand Plague Committee published a report (the RPCR) that documented the principal findings together with the data on which their inferences were based (8).
Culture and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) were performed by PHL, and real-time PCR (rPCR) and whole-genome sequencing (WGS) were performed by WC.
We identified Lp1 by using a real-time PCR (rPCR) assay targeting the wzm gene (7).