RPETRecycled Polyethylene Terephthalate
RPETRajasthan Pre Engineering Test
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But when Kwik tried increasing amplitude by using a different booster, the increased heat caused the weld to either fully penetrate the RPET or crack the material.
Linpac Packaging has also invested across its sites in in-house super-cleaning technology to ensure the rPET used is contamination free and suitable for use with food.
Shaw and DAK will be the primary users of the recycled RPET Flake in their respective polyester-based products including carpets, fibers and resins.
Only through separate collection, sufficient consumer collection volumes and state-of-the-art technology will it be possible to manufacture rPET to the required quality, said Jean-Claude Wrmli, Managing Director of PET-Recycling Schweiz.
The company's announcement follows last month's news pertaining to the expansion of its partnership with CarbonLITE, as the rPET supplier builds a third U.S.
Also new is a new concept for inline crystallization of RPET immediately after pelletizing, which uses the latent heat in the pellet to save energy.
Casper Durandt, chairman of Petco and franchise technical director of Coca-Cola Southern Africa, adds: We are extremely excited about the fact that South Africa will be the first country on the continent to use RPET for Coca-Cola products.
To suit the various cuts of meat currently on sale Linpac had developed three application styles for use with rPET, PP and EPS trays.
A shift in the sector towards more environmentally-friendly packaging saw the company investing in its first RPET machine, which saw it create 20 jobs last year.
"While our rPET packaging provides appearance, purity, and physical properties comparable to those of virgin PET, our carbon footprint is 60-percent less than that of packaging made from virgin resin and in fact is 20-percent less than that for rPET products from other companies," he says.
Like Vertiwrap, the packs are made from crystal clear rPET to enhance product shelf appeal and are available in the style of a hinged box or tray and lid combination.
Midwest Exchange Enterprises, Inc., a plastics recycler based in Illinois in the USA, has announced plans to expand its PET-recycling plant to produce 100% recycled-PET material (RPET), "giving the Greater Chicago Region a world-class facility and closing the loop for recycling in North America," the company says.