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RPFTRegistered Pulmonary Function Technologist
RPFTRegistered Professional Forest Technologist (Canada)
RPFTRetirement Pension Forecasting Team (UK)
RPFTRanger Physical Fitness Test
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Denise Rodgers, BS, RPFT, is a Clinical Research Coordinator, Washington University, St.
Only regulated foresters are authorized to use the protected titles: Registered Professional Foresters (RPF), Registered Forester (RF), Professional Forester (P.For.) or Forester in Training (FIT), while regulated forest technologists may use: Registered Professional Forest Technologist (RPFT), Registered Forest Technologist (RFT) and Professional Forest Technologist (P.For.Tech.).
The Ranger Common Task Certification List (aka Commander's Validation Letter)--This is a list of 36 basic military/physical tasks that your commander must sign off on stating that you are trained and proficient in everything from basic weapons operations to the Ranger Physical Fitness Test (RPFT).