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RPHRandolph (Amtrak station code; Randolph, VT)
RPHRoyal Park Hotel (various locations)
RPHRoyal Preston Hospital (Lancashire; UK)
RPHRegistered Pharmacist
RPHRoyal Perth Hospital (Western Australia)
RPHResource Priority Header
RPHRegional Public Health (various locations)
RPHRange per Hour (electric vehicles)
RPHRadio for the Print Handicapped (Australia)
RPHRevolutions Per Hour (printing speed)
RPHRobert Packer Hospital (Sayre, PA)
RPHRéseau pour la Psychanalyse à l'Hôpital (French: Hospital Psychoanalysis Network)
RPHReference Place Holder (index code)
RPHRadio Pays d'Hérault (French radio station)
RPHRate Per Hour
RPHRemember Pearl Harbor
RPHRocket Propelled Harpoon
RPHReference Process House
RPHRevenue Per Hour
RPHRiver Park Hospital (Huntington, WV and McMinnville, TN)
RPHRegistered Professional Hygienists
RPHRéseau Potentiel Humain (French: Human Potential Network; EU)
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Among these PH-HFpEF patients, those TPG [less than or equal to]12 mmHg were considered as PPH, whereas TPG > 12 mmHg were classified as RPH.
While RPH is an off-axis aberration, SA is on-axis, whereby light rays entering more peripherally through the pupil are focussed more myopically or hyperopically than the central rays which are focussed at the fovea.
Fresh meat is distributed from animal slaughterhouses (RPH) both meat of locally raised cows and imported live cows and frozen meat is imported beef.
La politica, para don Rafael, como para muchos genuinos intelectuales, se presentaba con ese doble aspecto, atrayente y apasionado, de la busqueda de la verdad, por un lado, y de la mision transformadora de la realidad por el otro: "Las ideas son el fundamento, lo basico, pero no lo son todo [...] La politica es tan necesaria e indispensable en una sociedad, como es la existencia misma del Estado y el establecimiento y mantenimiento de un orden juridico positivo" (RPH, Ideas fuerza, p.
Tripp, RPh, e.v.p., drug operations and president Drug Store Division, Albertson, Inc., SUPERVALU, Inc.
Without the Bulletfeeder, I'll crank out 850 RPH. With the feeder installed, my 10-year-old son managed 1,500 RPH with no malfunctions.
Mark and Stacey Russell bought the house from RPH LLC, led by Rodney-Wagner and Moman Bates III.
Scott Drabant, RPh, President of the Illinois Pharmacists Association argues "Under the Governor's plan, some of our most vulnerable citizens will be asked to use multiple pharmacies, reduce face-to-face counseling, and depend on whatever advice they can get from across a phone line or Internet connection.
Nursing Homes/Long Term Care Management Editor Linda Zinn spoke with Steve Feldman, RPh, FASCP, president of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, about how the role of the consultant, or senior care, pharmacist has evolved and continues to evolve in an era of increasing regulations and shrinking revenues.
Close correlation was found between relative PH (RPH) and other relative parameters, except for RKUE.