RPHARussian Public Health Association
RPHARegional Public Health Authority (various locations)
RPHAReverse Passive Hemagglutination Assay
RPHARole Playing Hockey Association (Prince Edward Island, Canada)
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Reverse passive haemagglutination (RPHA) test for detection and quantification of hydropericardium syndrome virus (HPSV).
Spanish version of the Revised Physical Anhedonia Scale (RPhA) (Fonseca-Pedrero, Paino et al., 2009), which contains 61 items in True/False format, measuring the inability to experience pleasure from pleasant physical stimuli such as touching, smelling or listening to music.
The second model (model 2) explores the existence of two schizotypy dimensions (Positive and Negative), in which the PAS and MIS scales corresponded to the Positive dimension, and the RSAS and RPhA scales to the Negative dimension; this model presented better indices of fit in comparison to the one-factor model.
For the variable gender, and again in accordance with previous literature (Chmielewski et al., 1995; Kwapil et al., 2002; Wuthrich & Bates, 2006), the results show that males tend to score higher than females in the Negative dimension or Anhedonia (RPhA, RSAS), and that women do not score higher than men in the Positive dimension (PAS, MIS).
The psychosis-proneness scales RSAS and RPhA have been translated into different languages and they have been used in their adaptation to Catalonian language (Barrantes-Vidal, Fananas, Rosa, Caparros, Riba, & Obiols, 2002; Muntaner, Garcia-Sevilla, Fernandez, & Torrubia, 1988); however, they have not yet been adapted into Spanish following international standards (Muniz & Bartram, 2007), nor have the structure and nature of the dimensions conforming them been investigated.
An item parcelling was performed for the study of the RPhA scale and convergent validity between both scales, according to Little, Cunningham, Shakar & Widaman (2002) suggestions.
The mean score of the RSAS was 5.9 (SD = 4.6) whereas that of the RPhA was 15.2 (SD = 6.7).
The internal consistency reliability estimates for the RSAS and the RPhA were excellent.