RPHPLCReversed-Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
RPHPLCReverse Phase High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
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After reaction, the remainder of the A-chain was assembled and the peptide was isolated and purified via RPHPLC. Oxidation of the CysA10-CysA15 pair was performed using 2 equivalents of elemental iodine as described above.
For the RPHPLC analysis, samples filtered using a 0.4[micro] filter paper was used (C18 reverse phase column, Solvents: Acetonitrile: Water = 65:35; 0.1% TFA, flow rate 1 ml/min, Sample injected = 20 [micro]l, Detector: UV-Vis., 210 nm).
The alkylated protein was desalted by RPHPLC on a [C.sub.18] column (Syininetry C18; column, bead, and pore sizes are the same as above) by elution with a 30-min linear acetonitrile gradient (0%-80%) in 1 mL/L TFA.
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Therefore, a third chromatographic step was performed, using RPHPLC, resulting in the separation of a major sharp peak from few minor contaminants (Fig.
Often they cannot be easily assayed directly by RPHPLC (due to lack of retention) or GC (due to thermal degradation).
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