RPIEReal Property Installed Equipment
RPIEReal Property Income and Expense Statements
RPIEReconnaissance Patrolling Insertion and Extraction Equipment
RPIERelative Positive Inotropic Effect (physiology)
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Failure to file or timely file an RPIE will result in monetary penalties assessed against the property in an amount that can go up to as much as three percent of the property's actual assessed valuation.
The theme of the 2015 PRU is "Thirty Years of Slicing the PR-RPIE." Attendees will have the opportunity to brush up on their RPIE basics, as experts share real-world case studies of how they have used the model to roll out efficient and successful campaigns.
(12) FMT technicians predominantly troubleshoot and repair the RPIE on LFs and MAFs.
In its report, the RGB states, "By using consecutive RPIE filings from an identical set of buildings, a longitudinal comparison can be made that illustrates changes in conditions over a two-year period.
The current deadline to file RPIE forms is September 4, 2012, but the Grand Jury recommends an earlier annual filing deadline, no later than the first of June, giving DOF more time to evaluate tax filings.
Income is calculated from data gathered by the Department of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) and the NYC Housing and Vacancy Survey (HVS), which is then compared to the RPIE results.
Finance no longer requires the submission of rent rolls as part of the RPIE. A separate RPIE filing is required for each tax lot.
This summer, property owners have a bit longer to comply with the RPIE filing requirements.
However, the process actually starts in the prior summer, with the filing of RPIE forms--by January 15 it is too late to take action if no RPIE was filed.
Cooperative Sales Information, RPIE, and Electronic Filing Bill (A11003 Brennan/S7679 Maltese)
All owners of income producing properties are required to file Real Property Income and Expense statements (RPIE's) with the New York City Department of Finance by September 1, 2006.
These bills include the Private Activity Bond Allocation Act of 2006, which extends the multi-year funding feature of private activity bonds that has been critical for the development of large-scale 80/20 housing projects, as well as the Cooperative Sales Information, RPIE and Electronic Filing Bill, that will help brokers better serve their clients by increasing the transparency in the real property assessment process.