RPIFRegional Planetary Image Facility (Smithsonian Institution)
RPIFResistance at Peak Inspiratory Flow (pulmonary medicine)
RPIFRelative Positional Importance Factor (molecular biology)
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The local subsidiary of Luxembourg-based ArcelorMittal Group sought the National Company Law Tribunal's (NCLT) intervention to direct EPIL's lenders to re-vote on its plan and restrain the resolution professional (RP) and lenders from proceeding with implementation of RPIF's resolution.
"I am not inclined to interfere with the decision of the committee of creditors (CoC) in approving RPIF's resolution plan," said MK Shrawat, Presiding Officer of the Mumbai-bench of NCLT.
The aim of this paper is to design a new robust proportional integral filter (RPIF) to obtain a robust fault and state estimation when 0 < rank[[F.sup.y.sub.k]] [less than or equal to] m in spite of the presence of parametric uncertainties.
So we will extend the RPF to further propose a new robust proportional integral filter (RPIF) structure, in which the integral action is believed to improve robust estimation of the unknown time-varying faults and to improve robustness against uncertainties.
The relationship between water absorption tendencies and filler content of RPIF/HDPE composites at different contents of RPIF with and without compatibilizer was illustrated in Figures 4 and 5.Allthe blend samples showed a similar pattern of water absorption indicating that water absorption by the blends increased with increasing immersion time and filler content.
The blending of RPIF with HDPE has been synthesized successfully through melt blending using an extruder.
Fourth, we conclude the paper by highlighting the key tenets of the RPIF and making a few recommendations on how culture can be better conceptualized and contextualized within this framework.
First, we re-introduce the Racialized Place Inequality Framework (RPIF) and point out that many of the emerging ideas put forth by scholars of acculturation can be incorporated into the RPIF.
Jose Itzygsohn (2009) offers an alternative model to the RPIF based on what he calls "stratified ethnoracial incorporation." Grounded on the experiences of Dominicans in the United States, Itzygsohn argues Dominicans, like Puerto Ricans, have undergone a racialization process that has limited their chances for mobility.
As Puerto Ricans, especially those born on the mainland, continue to geographically disperse and move away from the segregated barrios of the northeast and Midwest, they might be able to attain the socioeconomic mobility promised by the RPIF to those who settle in more integrated neighborhoods.
The RPIF that appears in Figure 1 captures some of the key mechanisms that link residential segregation to the life chances of Puerto Ricans.
The RPIF that appears in Figure 1 combines largely untested insights from the place stratification framework and the SSP paradigm and suggests that residential segregation is a macro-level social structure that affects the health of individuals through more proximal social structures at the meso and micro-levels.