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Donde la funcion de forma RPIM puede ser expresada como
RPIM tiene la propiedad de particion unitaria la cual es demostrada por Gr.
Donde [[FI].sub.I] es la matriz de funciones de forma RPIM del nodo I mediante las funciones radiales de interpolacion, y [u.sub.I] es el desplazamiento nodal del nodo I.
In the RPIM method for a given computational point, an n x n linear system (the coefficient matrix is called the moment matrix) should be solved to construct shape functions if radial basis functions are selected, where n is the number of nodes in the support domain.
In fact, common meshless method is based on the numerical integration for Gauss domains with RPIM. It is a tedious process when the integration points are extremely more than the nodes.
However, as the main disadvantage, the computational time of RPIM is more than some well established methods, e.g., FEM [2-7].
In this paper, using some previously published papers on the application of wavelets in electromagnetics [8-12], a new RPIM supplemented by the wavelet frames, is proposed by which RPIM is able to simulate electromagnetic problems in multi scales with less computational time consumption.
The main advantages of the PUM are the flexibility in choosing the local approximation which can be used the approaches of the MLS, the PIM, and the RPIM. Rajendran and Zhang [38] developed a new "FE-Meshfree" method using the concepts of partition of unity method.
Among all the various meshless methods, the local radial point interpolation method (RPIM) [8] is a robust and numerical one which uses the radial basis functions (RBFs) to construct the field function.
In order to avoid the Courant stability condition, Yu and Chen proposed an unconditionally stable time-domain meshless method which applied the alternating-direction-implicit (ADI) scheme in the 3-D RPIM meshless method called ADI-RPIM [15].