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Family members Member protein RNA polymerase 4 RpoA, RpoB, RpoC, RpoZ core enzyme Promoter recognition 7 RpoD, RpoN, RpoS, RpoH, sigma subunits RpoF, RpoE, Feci DNA-binding 289 (see Table 2) transcription factors RNA polymerase- 25 associated factors Total 325 (7.3% of total protein-coding genes) Total number of proteins involved in transcription and regulation are modified from Ishihama (2010).
This could cause tension with financing the RPON centrally.
* Local delivery of the RPON is potentially effective, but tracking policies from design to implementation can be complex because of the amount of discretion given to local authorities and local agencies, and because of the different sources of funding available.
This network constitutes a bacterial two-component response regulator, Rrp2, and a novel cascade of the alternate sigma factors, RpoN and RpoS.