RPPRRealtime Pattern Play/Recording (music)
RPPRResidential Property Price Ranger (real estate; South Africa)
RPPRRelease and Pollution Prevention Report (New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection)
RPPRRita Platzer Public Relations (Sweden)
RPPRRural Power for Poverty Reduction (USAID; Bangladesh)
RPPRRhodopsin Proximal Promoter Region
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Two experts were on hand to discuss the problems with the RPPR process and to go over the RPPR form in detail.
Team members seemed overloaded with information, but as they were packing up, several expressed hope that the team could improve the RPPR problem with use of the sprint.
The team quickly determined that they first wanted to draw a quick graph of the different roles involved in the RPPR process, since the investigator, the SPO, the RBC, the GCO, and the signing officer all had different roles to play at unique times and in relationship to the RPPR form.
The map began with the moment of "RPPR Awareness" and ended with "RPPR Submitted and Uploaded." Defining the middle section of the map was more challenging.
The purpose of the sprint mapping exercise is to coalesce group understanding of the existing process, as it related to the RPPR form detailed in Monday's session.
The team identified that there was a lot of potential for improvement around the Sponsored Project Officers' final review of the RPPR, some potential new involvement for the Grants and Contracts Officers in contacting the subsites or collecting subsite information for the RPPR, some ideas for improvement at the moment of RPPR awareness, and a potential change in the Research Business Coordinators' involvement in entering personnel into the RPPR.
Did the team need words to explain what happened next or how the proposed changes would impact another person's role or part of the RPPR form?
The team allowed the authors to explain their sketches and concepts before moving on to vote on the ones that that added the most value to improving the RPPR process.
The Facilitator drew five timelines on the whiteboard, beginning at the moment of RPPR awareness and ending at the SPO uploading the final copy of the report into grant management system.
The team determined that it wanted an overall RPPR Process Checklist that would serve as a roadmap for all department roles in each RPPR submission, from notice of award through the upload of the final document.
The team had forged a strong bond, and by the close of Friday's session, had developed a working draft of the RPPR Process Checklist.