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RPQRocket Propelled Grenade
RPQRequest per Qualification
RPQRequest for Price Quotation
RPQRapid Personality Questionnaire
RPQRicerca Personale Qualificato (Italian: Qualified Research Staff)
RPQReturn Print Queue
RPQRecurrence Plot Quantification (biomedical engineering)
RPQRequest for Product Qualification
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Para evaluar la validez concurrente del COPE-28 se utilizaron el AQ y el RPQ, los cuales mostraron una buena consistencia interna (alfa de Cronbach del AQ fue de 0,809 y del RPQ fue de 0,879).
When applying the strict (A2 inclusive) DSM-IV criteria, those with PTSD (n = 17) had a higher mean [+ or -] standard deviation (SD) PCL total score than those without PTSD (n = 89), 62.4 [+ or -] 11.0 versus 45.9 [+ or -] 14.03, t = 5.86, p < 0.001, d = 1.22; and trended toward higher RPQ scores, 35.5 [+ or -] 11.2 versus 30.5 [+ or -] 10.7, t = 1.77, p = 0.08, d = 0.46.
To determine the convergent validity, the HIT-Q scores (total and subscales) were correlated with the RPQ scores (total and subscales).
RAD diagnoses were made, based on DSM IV criteria, by HM and the research team, following review of the CAPA-RAD, the teacher RPQ, the Observational Checklist, 10 comorbid diagnoses (from the DAWBA), and videotaped interaction between the child and researcher (who was a stranger to the child at the assessment visit).
If g(rpq) and g(s) are comparable, then g(p) or g(q) contains this X, but on a different position.
Seeing this diligent effort to provide advocacy for a still strong cultural and economic sector of the country, the Guatemalan government arranged an agreement with RPQ and the German government to provide training in Business Administration for the fishermen.
Relationship Problems Questionnaire (RPQ) and Intervention Care Questionnaire (ICQ)
(5) [delta]V/[delta]t = {[1 - [alpha] [delta](t)](P[Q.sub.t] - rPQ) - [alpha] [[delta].sub.t]PQ}[e.sup.-rt] = O,
We used visual estimates rather than random-point-quadrat (RPQ) methods, owing to their relative ease and comparable accuracy to RPQ (Dethier et al.
Respondents' scores on the Rapid Personality Questionnaire (RPQ; Rust, 1991) were also available.
The reactiveproative aggression (RPQ) questionnaire: differential correlates of reactive and proactive in adolescent boys.