RPRVRemotely Piloted Research Vehicle
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Unlike previous constructs, this vaccine candidate demonstrated the feasibility of using rPRV to develop trivalent vaccines, in particular against PRV, FMDV, and PPV.
A bivalent rPRV was synthesized that was gD/gE negative and that expressed glycoprotein E2.
A rPRV expressing the HA gene of serotype H3N2 subtype SIV (A/Swine/Inner Mongolia/547/2001) was constructed [55] and its immunogenicity was tested in mice.
A rPRV was constructed expressing SAG1 from the protozoan parasite, T.
A rPRV expressing the NS1 protein of Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) was constructed [60].
A rPRV expressing the rabies virus glycoprotein was constructed [61].
Past successes of rPRV as a vector for expressing exogenous antigens has resulted in new rPRVs being constructed that are less pathogenic.
For development of effective rPRV vaccines, the pathogenic features, protective mechanisms, and the epidemiology of diseases must be taken into account in all future work.
Many of the rPRV vaccine candidates that have been reported here either have not been further pursued or are not yet commercially available.