RPS8Ribosomal Protein S8
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Rps8 was placed on the genetic linkage map on the basis of the combination of homozygous resistant with the segregating class and the homozygous susceptible (3:1) with the molecular markers (Fig.
Rps8 segregated 109:29 resistant:susceptible for response to P.
The linkage analysis program Joinmap was used to calculate genetic distance between Rps8 and SSR and RFLP molecular markers on MLG F.
Rps8 was previously mapped to MLG A2 (Burnham et al., 2003) using two small mapping populations of 38 and 54 individuals, respectively.
Utilizing a larger soybean population in this study, we report the placement of Rps8 on MLG F of the soybean genetic map in a 31-cM interval between the SSR markers Satt425 and Satt114 (Fig.
On the basis of the current map position for Rps3, these studies suggest that it is a distinct Rps locus rather than an allele of Rps8. However, to be certain that Rps8 is distinct from Rps3, allelism tests must be performed or the genes must be mapped in the same segregating
Mapping Rps8 and Rps3 in separate populations with a common susceptible host would also provide solid corroborating evidence.
There are two possible approaches to allelism tests between Rps8 and Rps3.
Second, to perform allelism tests between Rps3 and Rps8 in a much smaller population (100-200 [F.sub.2:3] families), two P.
Since PI 399073 is an unimproved genotype with poor agronomic characteristics, markers tightly linked to Rps8 will be as useful in avoiding linkage drag as for selecting the Rps8 locus per se.
Since the source of Rps8 was a South Korean PI, PI399073, we are continuing to evaluate germplasm from this country to determine if more Rps alleles to P.