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RPSARadio Public Service Announcement
RPSAribosomal protein SA
RPSARicoh Printing Systems America, Inc.
RPSARoyal Photographic Society of Azeroth (World of Warcraft)
RPSARail Passenger Service Act of 1970
RPSARapid Pressure Swing Adsorption
RPSARocky Point Sailing Association (Canada)
RPSARedundant Power Supply Adapter
RPSAReader Profile Study Area
RPSARowset Partitioning and Submatrix Agglomeration
RPSARussian Political Science Association
RPSARoton Point Sailing Association (Rowayton, CT)
RPSARochester Professional Sales Association (New York)
RPSARPS Associates
RPSARigelian Protectorate Space Arm
RPSAReal Property Services Agreement
RPSARecovery Procedure Selection Application
RPSAReal Property Senior Appraiser (SCAAO)
RPSARickmansworth Park School Association (UK)
RPSARegional Process Service Academy
RPSAReaves Park Softball Association (Norman, OK)
RPSARonald P Sorce Architects (Arlington Heights, IL)
RPSAResident Physician Spouse Alliance
RPSARehabilitation of Professional Schools in Afghan
RPSAReligious Programs Specialist Apprentice
RPSAResidents Parking Scheme Area
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strains Drug-resistant with confirmed strains, % drug resistance Isoniazid katG S315T 52 100 fabG-inhA-15 1 katG S315T 2 fabG-inhA-15 2 Rifampin rpoB S450L 40 100 rpoB D435V 2 rpoB H445D 1 rpoB H445R 1 rpoB D574E 1 Streptomycin rpsL K43R 33 96.4 rpsL K88R 5 gid G48G 1 gid G34G 1 rrs516 12 Ofloxacin gyrA D94N 1 81.8 gyrA D94Y 1 gyrA D94G 5 gyrA D94A 2 Ethambutol embA-16 4 72.7 embA-8 1 embB M3061 2 embB S3471 1 embB N399T 1 embB G406D 2 embB G406A 2 embB A453A 1 embB Q497R 2 Pyrazinamide rpsA D123A 1 55.6 rpsA A412V 1 pncA L159R 1 pncA C138R 1 pncA T135P 1 pncA V130E 1 pncA Q122Stop 1 pncA Y103Stop 2 pncA G97S 1 Kanamycin eis-37 4 55.0 eis-14 3 eis-10 4
For the problem of (iii), instead of using random numbers in RPSA, we use a strategy analogous to ACA in this paper.
Rabbit monoclonal antibodies against protein S100-A4 (S100A4) (ab124805) and laminin-binding protein (RPSA) (ab133645) were purchased from Abeam (Cambridge, UK).
According to the study authors, resistance to PZA is most commonly caused by mutations in the pncA gene encoding enzyme nicotinamidase/pyrazinamidase, which converts the prodrug PZA to the active form pyrazinoic acid (POA), and sometimes associated with mutations in the drug target RpsA (ribosomal protein S1).
These authors (76) also identified genes encoding gp96 (adenotin, GRP94; HSP90B1), LRP (lung-related resistance protein; MVP), galectin-3 binding protein (LGALS3BP), and Mr 67000 laminin receptor (RPSA), although RPSA was not expressed on tumor cells, but on infiltrating vessels.
The Nebit Dag RPSA includes deep reservoirs beneath the Nebit Dag and Kum Dag fields, whose shallow formation had been virtually worked out.
Accordingly, in order to protect LB Kiel, LB Kiel and UBS joined the Reference Pool Side Agreement (RPSA) as a condition of buying the CDO Notes.
The preparation and catalytic properties of recombinant human prostate-specific antigen (rPSA).
LONG-TERM FIXED-PRICE SUPPLY: SRMPA's electricity requirements net of its share of federal hydro purchases are met under a fixed-price requirements power supply agreement (RPSA) with Entergy Wholesale Operations Marketing, LP (EWOM or Entergy; not rated by Fitch).
Mutations in the pncA and rpsA genes among 77 Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates in Kazakhstan.
A new study, led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, suggests that PZA binds to a specific protein named RpsA and inhibits trans-translation, a process that enables the TB bacteria to survive under stressful conditions.
It says all foreign investment will be in the form of JVs with PDVSA, rather than the OSA, RPSA, or strategic associations (SAs) for ultra-heavy Orinoco oil.