RPSGTRegistered Polysomnographic Technologist
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Lauri Leadley, RPSGT, RCP, is a Registered Sleep Technologist and has been in the sleep field since 2000.
Robyn Woitdke RN, RPSGT, CCSH--Robin is a registered nurse as well as a registered poly-som-nog-rapher and is certified in clinical sleep health.
by Mary Ellen Wells, Ph.D., RPSGT, R.EEG T, R.NCS T.
Update on in Pediatrics Screening and Staging 1630-1730 1630-1730 Repeat of lecture Repeat of lecture Given at 1525 Given at 1525 1730-1930 1730-1930 Reception in the Reception in the Exhibit Hall Exhibit Hall 2000-2200 2000-2200 Focus's Night of Focus's Night of Live Comedy Live Comedy ADULT SLEEP PEDIATRIC SLEEP 0800-0900 0800-0900 Frank Roman MD Patrick Sorenson, MA, Abnormal Sexual Behaviors RPSGT Parasomnias During Sleep in Children 0905-1005 0905-1005 Repeat of Lecture Repeat of Lecture Given at 0800 Given at 0800 1010-1110 Kathryn Hansen R.EEG T.
I just attended my third one and am planning to attend this Fall."--Kathryn Evans RRT, RPSGT
Outcomes Karyl Mirsa Nieland RPSGT, Scott RRT R.EEC T 12:15pm-2:15pm 12:15pm-2:15pm Lunch In the Exhibit Hall Lunch In the Exhibit 2:15pm-3:15pm Hall Repeat of Lecture Oven at 2:15pm-3:15pm 11:15am Repeat of Lecture Given 3:25pm-4:25pm at 11:15am Pneumothorax & Pleural Effusion 3:25pm-4:25pm Update on Assessment & Tx.