RPSIRheinland Pfalz Saar International (horse breed)
RPSIRailway Preservation Society of Ireland
RPSIRelative Penis Size Index
RPSIReliable Power Systems, Inc. (Castle Rock, CO)
RPSIRapid Prototyping Society of India (est. 2001)
RPSIRetriever Payment Systems, Inc. (Houston, TX)
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The RPLI and RPSI indices measured in imposexed females were estimated as a measure of the intensity of imposex, and the results are presented in Table 2.
haemastoma collected in Brazil showed higher values for RPLI and RPSI indexes in the contaminated area (Fernandez et al., 2005).
Symmetry indexes (SI) were calculated using the normalized values of the position of the LASI and RASI (frontal symmetry) and LPSI and RPSI (dorsal symmetry) and the following equation [20]:
The largest difference between the conditions could be seen in the displacements of the LPSI, RPSI, and RASI markers.
The VDSI index of imposex was 4.8 and the values of the other female indices were: RPLI = 59.6 and RPSI = 21.8
The indices of the Vas Deferens Stages Index (VDSI), Relative Penis Length Index (RPLI) and Relative Penis Size Index (RPSI) were adequate to represent the severity of imposex in T.
The RPLI was 6.46, RPSI was 0.03 and VDSI was found to be 0.10.
RPLI, relative penis length index; RPSI, relative penis size index; VDSI, vas deferens sequence index.