RPSPRoute Processor and Switch Processor
RPSPRadio Paging Service Provider (India)
RPSPRadar Programmable Signal Processor
RPSPReal People Stock Photos (Seattle, WA)
RPSPRegistered Personal Security Plan (Canada)
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Holotipo y cinco paratipos de la casta obrera en RPSP. Localidad Tipo: Sasaima, Cundinamarca (Colombia).
El holotipo se encuentra en el USNM; paratipos en el SMEC, STRI, y RPSP.
Por su condicion de identidad contable, la RPSP puede expresarse de multiples maneras.
80 of the RPSP, lot 2 and 3 are reserved for specialized enterprises or cooperatives of persons with disabilities within the meaning of 2, item 46 of the PPL of the Public Procurement Act or for economic entities whose main purpose is the social or professional integration of disabled persons or disadvantaged persons within the meaning of 2, item 62 of the Supplementary Provisions of the Public Procurement Act.
1 of the RPSP, with an order in which it determines an odd number of persons to examine and evaluate the received offers.
.39, para 3, item 2 of the RPSP. Specific documents are listed below in the instructions.
3 of the RPSP. Upon the occurrence of the circumstances under Art.
3 of the RPSP. The offers will be opened in the Conference Room, room 203 of the administrative building of "V & K Yovkovtsi" OOD, Veliko Tarnovo, 30 Y.P.