RPSPRadar Programmable Signal Processor
RPSPReal People Stock Photos (Seattle, WA)
RPSPRegistered Personal Security Plan (Canada)
RPSPRadio Paging Service Provider (India)
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En virtud de que las economias crecen en el tiempo, resulta util escribir la RPSP como razones del producto (Y), como se observa en la ecuacion 3, donde [theta] representa la tasa real de crecimiento del producto.
Evolving into a WPP, RPSP, or both requires important strategic decisions to be made, and will drive banks to understand the role(s) they wish to play in such a future and prepare for this potentially radical shift.
Carol Wolfe, Vice President of ASHP's Publications and Drug Information System Office, said: "We are very pleased by this new collaboration between ASHP and RPSP to extend access to AHFS Drug Information to clinicians and researchers throughout the world.