RPSTRisk Pooling Scheme for Trusts (National Health Service Litigation Authority; UK)
RPSTRoyal Photographic Society of Thailand
RPSTRegency Park Swim Team (Virginia)
RPSTRadix Priority-Search Tree
RPSTResource Protection Solutions Team (Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway)
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The solar controllers used in the RPST systems provide 30W output from the POE output port and 1.
Abbreviations 1 first person 1SG first person singular 1/2 first or second person entailment 2 second person 2SG second person singular 3 third person 3SG third person singular ANT anterior AUX auxiliary CAUS causative COM comitative COMPL completive COP copula DAT dative DIR direct marker DUR durative ERG ergative GEN genitive INCP inceptive IPFV imperfective NEG negation, negative NMLZ nominalizer NPST non-past PFV perfective PL plural PNR person, number and role POST posterior PRF perfect PRS present PST past PTCP participle REM remote RPST remote past SEQ sequential SG singular