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RPTRepeat (logging abbreviation)
RPTRegistered Play Therapist
RPTReappointment, Promotion and Tenure (university committee)
RPTRadiation Protection Technician
RPTRelocatable Power Taps
RPTRecirculation Pump Trip
RPTRegistered Professional Technologist
RPTRepeat / I Repeat
RPTReturn Path Transmitter
RPTRevenue Per Transaction
RPTRaw Processing Time
RPTResident Provisioning Team
RPTRegistered Professional Trainer (Canada)
RPTRemedial Physical Training (US military)
RPTReactor Production of Tritium
RPTRefractory Period of Transmission
RPTRequirements Planning Tool
RPTRequirements Planning Team
RPTResource Protection Team
RPTRealty Photo Tours (Canada)
RPTRecirculation Point Tracking
RPTResponse Posture Tailored
RPTRepair Parts Transporter
RPTRemote Pressure Transmitter (Siemens AG)
RPTRelated Party Transaction
RPTRapid Prototyping Technology
RPTRegistered Piano Technician (Piano Technicians Guild)
RPTRupture de Pont Thermique (French: Thermal Break)
RPTRational Performance Tester (IBM)
RPTRegular Part Time
RPTResilient Packet Transport (data communication technology)
RPTRécepteur Prise et Interface Télécommande (French: Receiver and Remote Socket Interface)
RPTCrystal Report (Crystal Decisions Crystal Reports file extension)
RPTReasonable Period of Time
RPTRegistered Physical Therapist
RPTReference Point Therapy (personal development)
RPTRassemblement du Peuple Togolais (French: Rally of the Togolese People)
RPTRadiant Panel Test
RPTReal Photo Technology (Fiji)
RPTRapid Phase Transition
RPTRegal Petroleum PLC (UK; stock symbol)
RPTRapid Penetration Test
RPTRabbit Pyrogen Test
RPTRegular Public Transport
RPTRegistered Phlebotomy Technician
RPTReal Property Tax
RPTRun Poker Tour (France)
RPTResource Planning Tool (software)
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The New York City RPT is also paid by the grantor; if the grantor does not pay, the grantee must pay.
These banks which are part of a conglomerate are required to establish an RPT committee which will be composed of independent directors and non-executive directors, with independent directors comprising majority of the members.
4 To describe the relationship between the effect of RPT (and of non-RPT) on the cognitive complexity of course content.
President of the European RPT is Adrian Rattenbury, who is based at Penns Lane, in Sutton Coldfield.
Dowden and his colleagues also identified several core components of RPT that reduced recidivism.
Event participants included a cross organizational team composed of the BSCS RPT, various CNE-C6F staff members, units from CNE's Maritime Partnership Program (MPP), Commander Task Force 67 staff, Commander Navy Region Europe personnel, USS Mount Whitney and the Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 28 detachment.
The RPT process is defined as the process utilized to develop a mold, which will produce a plastic, rubber, or LIM part using the exact same method that will be utilized during the manufacture of the production tooling and parts.
It's based on a Fanuc R-44 robot (with RPT software) plus a servo-controlled rotating table to hold the part.
So much of our business is driven by speed," says Peter Ratcliffe, president of Quebec-based RPT Motion, a provider of custom modular linear motion systems.
At about the same time Cincinnati RPT was started, Scott Merritt and two other investors took another part of Wyandotte Equipment down to southern Ohio to avail themselves of local talent and re-started it as Cincinnati Grinding Technologies Co.
First, contrary to the assertions in your press release, no settlement offer was ever made by RPT to Equity One - and Equity One certainly did not decline a settlement offer from RPT.
The case arose from Osmea's 'consistent and undue refusal' to release the quarterly RPT shares of Barangay Daanlungsod for six consecutive quarters, from the third quarter of 2014 to the fourth quarter of 2015.