RPTCRinecker Proton Therapy Center
RPTCRegional Police Training Centre (Barbados)
RPTCRosa Parks Transit Center (Detroit, MI)
RPTCReceiver Plain Text Clock
RPTCRoseville Park Tennis Club (Australia)
RPTCRock Port Telephone Company (Missouri)
RPTCRat Proximal Tubular Cell
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Al Tayer also revealed that the RTA would sponsor costs towards a semester at RPTC and make special arrangements for parking in front of the Centre.
Al Tayer complimented the work of the RPTC which serves about 300 pupils in rehabilitative, therapeutic and training programmes.
Shaikh Ahmad Bin Dalmouk honoured Al Tayer with the RPTC Shield Award.
Out-of-state RPTC recipients (includes youth admitted previous year) dropped 70 percent (from 749 to 221).
Out-of-state RPTC admissions (only youth admitted current year) dropped 88 percent (from 752 to 90).
Out-of-state Medicaid RPTC claims dropped 62 percent (from more than $40 million to $15.
Recidivism to RPTC (in-state and out-of-state) dropped from 20 percent to 8.
I don't see an immediate threat, but uncertainty looms large in the months ahead," she says brushing off the idea that the RPTC is a rich charity body with financial support from the government.
At the RPTC, salaries range from Dh7,000 to Dh8,000," she says, adding, "which nationals don't find attractive".
The research studies conducted by experts from within and outside the RPTC have helped give 24 books on special needs, early intervention, vocational training, sports for C special needs, among others to the libraries of the Arab world," Mariam says with pride.
Kawkab suffers from both verbal and hearing impairment, but that doesn't stop her from painting or enjoying art," said Amal Badawi, head of the vocational training and rehabilitation department at RPTC.
The Emirati former RPTC student who used sign language to express her happiness told Gulf News through her interpreter that she was glad to see her paintings being sold in the auction and being treated like an artist.