RPTLCReverse Phase Thin Layer Chromatography
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The lipophilicity of ten ruthenium(II)-arene complexes with potential anticancer and antiproliferative activity has been determined by means of RPTLC on RP-18 silica as stationary and binary acetonitrile-water solvent systems as mobile phase.
TLC silica gel GF-254 and column chromatography silica gel (200-mesh) were both manufactured by Xindi Chemical Plant in Yantai; RPTLC plates were products of Merck, Germany; Sephadex LH-20 was a product of Pharmacia; RP-18 reversed phase silica gel was a product of Great Door, Germany; MCI GEL CHP-20P was a product of Mitsubishi Chemical; and D101 macroporous resin is a product of Dashi Technology Development Co., Ltd.