RPYR from Python
RPYReference Publication Year
RPYRemoval of Pouch Young
RPYRetail Product Yield
RPYRepeated Purine/Pyrimidine
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The RPY's fate took a turn when Majzoub met David, an Italian migrant activist.
For some members of the RPY, it was the first time they'd been overseas.
Aside from introducing players to a new culture, one of Majzoub's aims of taking the RPY abroad is to increase international awareness of the Palestinian cause.
[sup.i][T.sub.c] = Transl ([x.sub.ic],[y.sub.ic],[z.sub.ic]) x RPY ([[phi].sub.ic],[[theta].sub.ic],[[psi].sub.ic]) (3)
The following three refers to your orientation; this orientation is entered with the angles Roll([delta]), Pitch([beta]), and Yaw([gamma]), also known as angles RPY [16].
FEELING CHIRPY RPY RP Ben is Ben is delighted after being reunited with his pigeon
One of the modern methods of discovering the historical roots of the scientific fields, is the quantitative method of "Referenced Publication Years Spectroscopy" or RPYS, which has been introduced by Marx, Bornmann, Barth & Leydesdorf (2014) in the field of scientific historiography.
The method of RPYS is based on the analysis of the frequency of references that are cited in the scientific production of specific fields, and also based on the year of publication.
Using RPYS, it is possible to identify the historical roots of research fields and to investigate the effect of these origins on current research.
RPYS is able to extend its review to decades or even centuries, and thus better capture the evolution of a field.
(2014), analyzed the indexed documents in the Web of Science on the subject of scientism using the RPYS. The results of their research was published in an accredited journal and led to the identification of some infrastructure works in the field of scientometric.