RQ3Reaction Quake 3 (gaming)
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RQ1 and RQ3 will be answered first by conducting SLR i.e reviewing what factors (CSFs and CRs) have already been reported in the literature.
A frequency analysis was conducted on individual behaviour items to examine more closely the type of PRCT behaviours that occurred post-breakup (RQ3) (see Table 2).
To answer RQ3, RQ4, and RQ5, nine separate repeated measures ANOVAs were conducted to determine the significance of the extraneous treatment within each group and the differences between each group as a result of the interaction effect at week 12 of the NFL season.
RQ3 asked about the relative emphasis of the three forms of policy.
Given the dichotomous nature of the dependent variable, a logistic regression was conducted to examine the variables that predicted college students' decisions to fan (or not fan) (RQ3).
This study examined the product category (RQ3) and nutritional content (RQ4) of the food products that appeared in the advergames.
Finally, in answer to RQ3, the combination that yields the highest contribution to AWUS is PNat, which utilized both the primary direct mail piece and national advertising.
RQ2 asks whether experienced male and female auditors are differentially sensitive to the presence of positive ethical information when estimating the likelihood of fraud risk while RQ3 focuses on their sensitivity when the positive ethical information is not presented.
Having established that auditors in this task have difficulty shifting to productive problem representations without prompts, it is relevant to address RQ3, which asks whether prompts will induce shifts to productive problem representations.
The data were examined using two complementary analyses to answer RQ2 and RQ3. First, because each paragraph in the articles was coded for a space frame and a time frame, the number of paragraphs representing these frames was calculated for each article.
To answer RQ3 to RQ6, all data were further split by different time periods, places of residence, gender, and number of followers.
RQ3: Overarching Themes in The Bachelor's Portrayal of Agriculture and Rural Life