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RQAResearch Quality Association (UK)
RQARecurrence Quantification Analysis (nonlinear data analysis)
RQAReturn of Qualified Afghans (International Organization for Migration; EU)
RQARegister of Qualified Aromatherapists (UK)
RQAResearch Quality Assurance
RQARaising Quality and Achievement (academic achievement scheme; UK)
RQARisk and Quantitative Analysis
RQARepetitive Query Attempt (Unreal game engine security exploit)
RQARegional/Field Detachment Quality Assurance Division
RQARemote Query Accelerator (Data Management Technologies)
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The comparison of computational complexity (time) [15] [16] [17] [18] [25] [1] Ours [C.sub.Enc] 3e 4e+1m 5e 4e+1m 6e+2p 6e+1m 4e+1i+6m [C.sub.Dec] 3e 2e 2e 2e 2e+2p+1i 5e+1m 2e+1i+5m Auth x 3e 0 3e 0 Type-4 Type-4 Test 2p 4p+2i 2e+2m+2i 4p+2i 4p+2i RQA No No No No No No Yes Table 4.
(i) Recurrence rate (RR) or percent recurrences: RR is the simplest variable of the RQA. It is a measure of the density of the recurrence points in the recurrence plot.
In the future, we will try to use recurrence based measures (RQA) with uniform scaling to evaluate recurring patterns with other climate parameters (cloud, weather, pressure, rainfall, etc.) for a better understanding of their interconnection and analyze their effects on economic growth.
When the RQA for kindergarten has been exhausted, he added that is the only time when "eligible applicants from the RQA for elementary can be considered."
[2] studied three equity markets, namely, Nifty, Hong Kong AOI, and DJIA, using the RQA. They mainly employed recurrence plots (RP) to capture endogenous market crashes and found evidences for phase transitions before the occurrence of a market crash.
Hence, this paper shows the absolutely new application of RQA to AE time series recorded in areas undergoing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
RQA Europe, the food safety and recall consultancy, has marked 7 consecutive years of double digit growth by moving its HQ to brand new premises in the UK and opening branch offices in Brussels and Paris.
The recent Australian Research Quality Assessment (RQA) is no exception.
There are three QoS agents defined for our model: GQA, RQA and MQA.
He was a staff of the National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB), National Headquarters, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria for eight years in the department of Research and Quality Assurance (RQA) Department formerly Monitoring, Research and Statistics (MRS) Department.
Companies are going to have to determine what systems are going to get them there," says Jerry Mithen, vice president-manufacturing services for Darien, Ill.-based RQA, which conducts product recalls and advises food clients in crisis management.