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RQDRegroupement Québécois de la Danse (French: Quebec Dance Group; Canada)
RQDRock Quality Designation/Designator
RQDReactor Quality Department (SRL)
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The graphs (a), (b), (c), (d), and (e) show the functions of RQD, span, area, height, and buried depth, respectively.
For the quartz mica schist the average uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) is 54 MPa, the average RQD is 42%, joints spacing range from 200mm to less than 60mm, joints encountered are rough to slightly rough and, are unweathered, joint persistence range from less than 1m to 10m, and joint apertures range from 0.1mm to 5mm in width filled by hard and soft filling materials.
Rock Quality Designation (RQD) index was developed by Deere (1963).
Geological Geomechanical 1 Distance between fault and Rock quality designation roadway - 20.6 RQD - 21.7 2 Seismic activity - 17.4 UCS weighted avarage for the roof - 20.9 3 Geomechanical Brasilian tensile strength parameters - 17.2 of the roof - 15.3 4 Drivage along the fault UCS weighted avarage for zone - 16.9 the wall - 13.6 5 The thin beds in the Slakeability of the roof immediate roof - 9.3 rock - 13.3 6 Hydrogeological UCS weighted avarage conditions - 8.0 for the floor - 8.3 7 Drivage in the fold - 6.1 Unit weight of the immediate roof - 7.1 8 Rock beds gradient - 4.5 9 Factor and its weight [%] No.
Palmstroom, "Measurements of and correlations between block size and rock quality designation (RQD)," Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, vol.
Rock Quality Designation (RQD): Rock mass quality can be designated by RQD which is defined as:
Estimation of rock mass deformation modulus using variations in transmissivity and RQD with depth, International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 46(8): 1370-1377.
GEMS at Devotions City Centre 01212122087/ 07863848483 Staff Rqd ** NAUGHTY BUT NICE!Your place or mine?
The survey was performed by taking a control sample every 25 centimetres; rock quality designation (RQD), however, was defined by homogeneously fractured sections.
The 919 metres of diamond core collected has been geologically logged, photographed and rock quality designation (RQD) measured on the oriented core.